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  • Our Kits are designed in such a way that it takes the trainees one by one to all the building blocks and then leads them to an Integrated Automation Solution.We also go a step further to introduce Plant Visibility in the training module, wherein the trainees are introduced to the SCADA system and Visualization Software to design the central plant control and reporting system.
    Hence our teams of Automation Experts, who have vast experience in Industrial Automation, have designed the Industrial Automation Training Kits in such a way that either they can be bought as an A-La-Carte or a complete bouquet as COE.All these Kits are available either in attractive and rugged carrying case so that you can move them easily to different locations if required or on Laboratory Model for Integrated Applications.The selections of Kits available are –
    ​ ESI-IAKIT-M-I -Training Kit for Sensors
    ​ ESI-IAKIT-M-II -Training Kit for PLC
    ​ ESI-IAKIT-M-III -Training Kit for Pneumatics
    ​ ESI-IAKIT-M-IV -Training Kit for VFD/ Motor
    ​ ESI-TAKIT-M-V -Training Kit for Servo/Controller
    ​ ESI-TAKIT-M-VI -Training Kit for Integrated Controls
    ​ ESI-TAKIT-M-VII -Training Kit for SCADA
    ​ ESI-TAKIT-M-VIII -Training Kit for Mechatronics –1
    ​ ESI-TAKIT-M-IX -Training Kit for Mechatronics –2
    ​ ESI-TAKIT-M-X -Training Kit for Mechatronics –3
    ​ ESI-TAKIT-M-XI -Training Kit for Cartesian Robot
    ​ ESI-TAKIT-M-XII -Training Kit for Robot
    ​ ESI-TAKIT-M-XIII -Training Kit for Collaborative Robot
At Enconsys, we specialize in providing paid proof of concept (POC) services tailored to the industrial automation sector. With our expertise, customized solutions, and proven process, we deliver actionable insights to drive informed decision-making.

Why Choose Us?Expertise: Our team understands industrial automation technologies and trends, ensuring accurate POCs.

Customized Solutions: Tailored POCs to meet your specific objectives and challenges.

Proven Process: Structured approach from planning to reporting ensures transparency and results.

Actionable Insights: We provide valuable recommendations based on thorough analysis.

Cost-Effective: Our competitive pricing maximizes the value of your POC investment.

Our Services:
• Technology Evaluation
• Process Optimization
• Integration Testing
• Performance Benchmarking
• Risk Assessment
• Feasibility Studies

At Enconsys, we offer expert consultancy services to help you navigate the complexities of industrial automation. From strategic planning and technology selection to process optimization and continuous support, we provide tailored guidance to drive sustainable growth and efficiency in your operations.